Cattle feeding

We ensure and guarantee our production through two cattle feedlots, which are strategically established in the beautiful state of Veracruz:



Our feedlots have on-site facilities that produce feed for livestock.

We can guarantee that our herds are fed exclusively with top quality ingredients, which allows us to reach our goals defined in terms of food safety.

Composed of two herds on feed with the capacity to produce more than 110,000 heads of cattle annually. This guarantees a programmed and standardized production through health, food and handling systems.

We operate and carry out “Best Cattle Practices". We are part of “Designated Feedlots”, which is part of the government program "Clenbuterol Free Cattle Supplier" (Proveedor Confiable Libre de Clenbuterol), created by SADER (Secretaría de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural) and participate in regular inspections conducted by authorities.

Operation Partners: