Dos Matas S.P.R. de R.L.

Since 1986

Dos Matas began operations being the pioneer in feedlot in the southeast of Mexico.

Operations in the facility â��Frigorífico de la Cuenca de Papaloapanâ�� are sustained by 95,000 heads of cattle a year, which are raised in feedlots near the operations. Each feedlot is managed with the same standards to assure a standardized production of cattle through health, food and handling systems.


Sanitary Inspections

We operate and carry out â��Best Cattle Practicesâ��. We are part of â��Designated Feedlotsâ��, which is part of the government program "Clenbuterol Free Cattle Supplier" (Proveedor Confiable Libre de Clenbuterol) created by SADER (Secretaría de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural) and participate in regular inspections conducted by authorities.

  • Located in La Cuenca de Papaloapan, Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.

  • Productive capacity of 40,000 heads of cattle.

  • Food production mill for cattle with a capacity of 220 MT per shift.

  • Annual production of 95,000 heads of cattle .

  • â��Mexico Calidad Suprema (Mexico Supreme Quality)â�� and â��Proveedor Confinable (Reliable Supplier)â�� Certifications.

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