Our purpose

We strive to work with passion and dedication to guarantee the production and commercialization of high-quality meat products. Our brands, products, and services reach the national and international market; we have the commitment to keep upholding our legacy, which has been internationally recognized for various decades.

Our growth is focused on one strategy, always based on fair and lasting negotiations. Respect and professionalism are an essential part of our company’s day to day relations, which is why we strive for inclusion, honoring and highlighting our colleagues’ talents and extend it to our families, community, and society.

Respect and professionalism are an essential part of our day to day in our company.

Each of our collaborators and allies is important and unique, as they play a crucial part in our business. Together, we create the most valuable resources in the company. In each one of us lies the basis to build a strong personal and cultural environment.


Our Objective

Providing meat products and services with total quality, hygiene, safety and timely supply guarantee; through the establishment of fair negotiations, implemented on a long-term basis in order to develop loyalty and respect among the community, staff, suppliers, and clients.


Personal Qualities

  • Professionalism
    I do my work following the Company’s guidelines, policy and processes.

  • Responsibility
    I comply with my commitments and tasks; I do not look for excuses.

  • Honesty
    I tell the truth, I do not take what does not belong to me, and I keep my word.

  • Passion for work
    I do my work with enthusiasm and energy; I enjoy my job.

  • Teamwork
    I work with a focus on service together with all the people in the organization, towards a common goal.

  • Humility
    We all are worth the same; we all are equally important for the Organization.

Our purpose


Provide meat protein to nourish.


High quality meat products

At Consorcio DIPCEN, we are committed to the continuous processes improvement to supply our customers with meat products that have a certified guarantee of quality, hygiene, security, and timely supply.

All products marketed by Consorcio DIPCEN meet current the legislation at the national level, as well as the legislation of those countries where we have commercial relations.

All of our collaborators are responsible for establishing and updating the guidelines of the Food Safety and Quality Management systems, as well as sharing its content, training and verifying compliance through audits, which are conducted periodically. This is with the means to develop loyalty and respect within our community, staff, suppliers, and customers.

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