TIF 101

Frigorífico de la Cuenca del Papaloapan

Located in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, the purpose of this facility is to harvest cattle for cutting, deboning, and high vacuum packing primary cuts of beef; as well as storage and distribution.


Founded as a TIF 101 establishment, this facility has stood out for incorporating and following the highest hygiene and quality standards, which allows us to compete in the national and international market.


Today, this facility processes the beef products that are sold in the domestic market, as well as the international markets such as The United States of America, Canada, Panama, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Additionally, it holds the authorization to export to Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Congo, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ghana, Gambia, Cuba, Guatemala, and The Dominican Republic. Russia, China, and South Korea are currently under the process of approval.



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• Production speed: 80 heads of cattle per hour.
• Slaughter: 3,360 heads of cattle per week.
• Deboning: 2,200 heads of cattle per week.
• 1 production shift per day
• 5 Certified TIF Inspectors
• 12 Cold Storage Rooms (Storage capacity of 1,200 carcasses in total)
• 3 Warehouses (450 MT chilled meat capacity and 810 MT frozen)
• 3 Freezer Rooms (10 MT capacity each)
• SQF Certification 8th edition
• HACCP System

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